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An Open Letter to People Who Hate Me Because I’m Fat

This past weekend, I discovered that an animated .gif of me had been posted to a subreddit on Reddit called /r/fatpeoplehate. I proceeded to read the comments on said post, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but oh well. Here … Continue reading

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Magical Friendship Hats: Fantasy and Shared Meaning in NBC’s “Community”

Okay, so, rhetoric and communication scholar Ernest Bormann proposed this method called fantasy-theme criticism for understanding how groups of people develop shared frameworks of meaning for understanding their world. He coined the term “symbolic convergence” to describe what happens when … Continue reading

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Angelic and Destructive: “Consuming Spirits” as a Meditation on Beauty and Decay

Because I couldn’t take notes, and because I have no way of revisiting what I want so desperately to discuss, this cannot and will not be as extensive a write-up as I would like it to be. But I just … Continue reading

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Penises and Vaginas and Mouths and Butts are Penises and Vaginas and Mouths and Butts: A Catharsis

because to start suspecting that you might be attracted to the same sex while being surrounded by people who believe it’s disgusting and a sin (hell, while a part of you might even still believe it’s a sin yourself) is … Continue reading

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On Verdicts and Voices: The Trayvon Martin Case and the Power To Be Heard

(Note: This is from a post I made on Facebook. I thought I’d share it here as well, as it touches–as most things do–on the concepts of rhetoric and dialogue.) I’ve been seeing a fair amount of posts from people … Continue reading

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Terrifying Heart-Giving

“Give your heart to everybody you meet. The rest is pretense.” – Ethan Hawke, Ash Wednesday I received a message on Goodreads recently asking me about the above line, which I have listed on my profile there as one of … Continue reading

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Haha, Suffering

“Look, man, I’m a college dropout. What the fuck do I know? I’m just saying, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that humor is connected to pain.” – Todd Hanson [The Onion Editor], in And Here’s … Continue reading

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